Published on 09/18/2017 5:19 am
Enabling Brother Printer Spooler Service

Brother is counted amongst the leading manufacturers of quality inkjet printers across the globe. And the printers play a major role in large organizations where Brother is able to make a place. But what happens when the printer is unable to understand the file you sent to it for printing. The printer spooler service will process the file and modify the data’s format in which the device can understand when you forward a document to Brother device from computer system for printing. You might have to manually begin the printer spooler service in case if you are facing any issue while printing files from your machine.

What are the steps for starting the service on the device?

Follow the below steps for starting the spooler service on the printer:

  • Sign in to the computer system where you can access the administrator account. It means only the administrators can begin or stop the services of the system.
  • Go to the ‘Start’ menu and then select the ‘Control Panel’ icon.
  • Now access the ‘Administrative Tools’ folder and then double click on the ‘Services’ tab. You will see a window appearing with a list of all the available computer system services list.
  • Look for the entry labeled as ‘Print Spooler’ by scrolling down through the list.
  • For highlights, click on the screen of the ‘Print Spooler’.
  • On the upper side left corner of the window click on the ‘Start the Service’ link. The Brother Printer Spooler service will start manually, once you clicked on the link. You can also try the ‘Restart the Service’ link in case if the service is already running on your machine.

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